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Images hantées, anté-images

Haunted places. Haunted by history. History of here. History from before.
I enter, I wander, a ghost looking for lost souls,
souls that are hiding, that I feel, that I listen to.
Drawn by the past, I guess, I glimpse, I smell and I feel.
I sit down, my eyes lost.
They approach, emerge and take me away.
I follow them.
Presences that sweat, pray, weep and whisper.
I feel them.
Voices swirl around me, telling me and showing me.
I cry too.
Encounters, elsewhere, here, far away and yet so present. 

Exhibited at Saint Denis de la Réunion in 2014 - Curator: Patrick Singaïny - Book published by Editions Azalées - Article in Témoignages 

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