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Severine Chauveau


‘That's my treasure’, my grandmother used to say when referring to a cake tin on her sideboard. The first time I opened it, it was enchanting. Square pieces of paper, thick and shiny, black, white, coloured, for me little magnificent objects. In these souvenir photos, people and places I didn't know, but that wasn't important. What I loved most of all was opening the treasure chest, touching those precious images and spreading them out by colour on the big table in the living room. It was a wonderful experience every time.
No doubt because of this, my artistic approach to photography is guided less by the image than by its materiality. I've kept this desire to manipulate it and this feeling of holding in my hands a material charged with memory. Working with it, recycling it, trying to turn it into some kind of sacred keepsake gives me the illusion, no doubt, that I can save the people I love from the fading of time.
There's something magical about photography.

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