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Experimental Film Photography

Getting around the usual role of representation of the visible in photography, exploring the characteristics specific to the analog photography and its process, observing the emergence of its intrinsic poetry, are the intentions underlying this work.


Creating images with a photography scanner


The image is created using black and white silver paper placed in a pinhole camera over a period of several days to several months.


Photography without a camera, anthotype uses the photosensitive materials of plants and cyanotype those of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide


The chemical bath which allows the image to be revealed ("revealer") is removed. The image projected on the paper is only immersed in the fixer bath. It is thus unrevealed , latent.


Images drawn on abandoned papers, forgotten in the humid southern tropical climate. Outdated and poorly handled, the paper retains the image and reveals its mold and imperfections.

These anonymous portraits are negatives found after a long abandonment.


In a dark room, an object is placed on sensitive paper and exposed to light for a few seconds.


The negatives, chosen for their low contrast, are printed under an enlarger or by contact at the limit of the visible.

The film, black and white, is shot with a black and white, or color, process.


Multi exposures of images on film when shooting. Rudimentary camera. Manual development favoring “error”.


Chemistry black and white or color, used, and modified.

The sensitive paper is immersed in this bath and subjected to gestures which generate the line.

Here the camera, the film and the latent image have disappeared.


An object is placed on photosensitive silver paper and left for several hours in the sun. accompanied, or not, by digital colorization work.

The Calle.jpg

Reproductions and collage of 3 photographs of the building where my mother and her family lived until 1962. Village of La Calle in Algeria.


Returning to the camera obscura and its strange limits.


Random development of black and white films, then printing with color chemistry.

Limit of the visible

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