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Loup y es-tu ?

Childhood is a time of naivety when fairy tales and legends intertwine with imagination and poetry. Their fantastic illustrations have made a major contribution to my imagination. Childhood is also haunted by the misunderstandings and anxieties of an adult world that is often perceived as obscure and threatening.

Composing my work in a succession of diptychs is a way of presenting this intertwining. Fear and poetry become entwined in the viewer's gaze, leaving him free to recompose the inner image of his own childhood. In this way, they can move from one space to another, free to reconstruct their own narrative - if need be or for pleasure - and rediscover their perception of the world, and reflect on the world they are showing.

In the images, the child is at once a spectator, doubtful, worried, lost and curious. She loses herself in a fantastic natural setting, sometimes threatening animal-like, sometimes misty. The graphic plant scenery is dry, but the wet element is tangible. This atmosphere reinforces the anguishing and enigmatic character of the adult world. But it also reminds us of our capacity to transform it to make it more acceptable, in the same way that a child's mind resorts to magic to soothe its anxieties.

Exhibited at Saint Denis de la Réunion in 2014 - Curator: Patrick Singaïny - Book published by Editions Azalées - Article in Témoignages 

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